Painting Services in Pasadena, CA


The distinctive Peter Wilson Painting philosophy of quality, value, and care begins with thorough preparation, which is the foundation of a superior paint job. Complete removal of all loose material and washing down the exterior is critically important, to prepare the surface for the correct priming system, ensure proper adhesion, and create the basis for a long lasting finish. Additional important details about our painting services in Pasadena, CA, are previous finishes, architectural details, stucco and wood repair, and home restoration, ironwork and attention to the neighborhood’s integrity, through consideration of landscaping, colors, and design of neighboring homes.

Other areas of expertise include paint and varnish removal, stain mixing and matching, wood refinishing and cabinet finishing (including lacquer, varnish, polyurethane and alkyd-oil fine brush finishes), murals and graphics, custom glazes and color washes, copper and bronze verde finishes, Venetian plaster, wood graining, color matching, and color scheme design and layout. Please see our Portfolio Galleries for examples of our work.

Use of quality materials, thorough preparation, clean neat work, and perhaps just as importantly, dependable and reliable service at reasonable cost, are the goals of Peter Wilson Painting and Decorating. We look forward to the opportunity to share with you ideas for your home or property.


Color Consulting

Color selection for both interiors and exteriors on all architectural styles consider patterns and gradations of ambient and reflective light, taking into account surrounding surfaces, texture, and temperature. Peter Wilson works with subtle variations of color in the just the right combinations to create a desirable effect, like bringing a sense of harmony, complementing surroundings, or adding surprise and comfort.

Many neighborhoods are currently experiencing an artistic Renaissance. Homeowners are using color for historical restorations on their homes like an artist on canvas. With older homes of character, a good place to start the exterior color selection is to consider the original earth tone palette that was popular in the early 1900’s when many grand craftsman homes were built or taking a cue from the natural building materials. The use of color can create a sense of order while harmonizing with the natural surroundings and accentuate the significant architectural details. Our selection of exterior color also takes into consideration previous finishes, roof color, landscaping, and surrounding neighborhood home colors. All these factors contribute to emphasize each home’s distinctive architectural highlights and landscaping.

Interior home restoration allows you more latitude in creating effects that make each room a special place. We offer the use of colors as well as recommending faux finishes and stained wood finishes in decorating. Dramatic translucent and dimensional color in dining rooms can create an elegant, yet intimate and warm, gathering place. Our selection of contrasting or complimenting color combinations and painted effects are only limited by what we can imagine. Using the color palette as our guide we create a flow that when our desired goal is obtained, things seem to complement and define the individuality of that room while preserving the relationship to the next. Give us a call to find out more about rates and how our painting service works.

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