The expression of the Arts and Crafts Movement. Ranging from cozy single story bungalows with long sloping roof lines and wide sheltering overhangs, to “High Style” Greene and Greene two-story homes on broad foundations with wide welcoming porches, Craftsman bungalows nestle into the local landscape and blend natural materials like river rock, redwood shingles, and brick and clay tiling into an organic, subtle, and balanced whole.

On Craftsman homes, a system of using flat paint in earth tones softens the age of the older homes, resembling a soft stain and providing a patina of grace and dignity. Maintenance of the system is simple, with only occasional minor touch-ups required to preserve a clean and inviting finish. Color selection for both interiors and exteriors on all architectural styles consider patterns and gradations of ambient and reflective light, taking into account both texture and temperature, in order to complement, surprise and comfort.

Although many purists point out these homes had been painted in white or more neutral colors and we give respect to true restoration, Peter Wilson prefers to capture the craftsman spirit with a focus on form and function. Our aim is to harmonize with the natural surroundings accentuating the architecture to blend with the now more mature landscapes. We start by taking a cue from the original palette that was used when the homes were built and appeal to the current renaissance where color gives a sense of order. Deep greens or other earth tones, are combined along with a bold accent color, used sparingly to “pop” on details like window sashes, that draw the eye inside and give the home a warm and inviting look. The system of using flat paint softens the age of the homes with grace and dignity.


The romance of the Mediterranean style, with stucco, tile roofs, and liberal use of arches, lends itself well to robust use of color, on flat surfaces, detail, and trims. Peter Wilson uses transitional complementary colors, with depth and complexity, that morph and reveal themselves under the strong Southwestern sunlight to enhance the lushness of the landscape and create a dramatic and luminous atmosphere for daily life.

Faux painting or faux-finishes are terms used to describe decorative paint finishes that replicate the appearance of materials such as marble, wood or stone. The term comes from the French word faux, meaning false, as these techniques started as a form of replicating materials such as marble and wood with paint, but has subsequently come to encompass many other decorative finishes for walls and furniture including simulating recognisable textures and surfaces.

Peter Wilson Painting and Decorating is also available for commercial buildings, historical landmark restoration and any other job that needs just a little bit more care and attention to detail.